These are videos for use predominantly in schools, though they may have applications elsewhere. They are designed to be used independently, or alongside study of Marcus’ books, and offer a cheaper option than having Marcus visit your school live. Once you have bought the video, it’s yours to use in the school that has purchased it, for life.

The first video released is on Marcus’ first book, Floodland.

Floodland - video for sale

The Floodland video is about 33 minutes long, designed to fit comfortably into a single 40 minute lesson. It covers topics such as why and how Marcus wrote the book, what research went into it, as well as discussing environmental issues and the importance of continuing to learn about climate change. There are also three short readings from the book.

You can see a few screenshots from the video here, or watch the first four minutes for free, below, so you know what you’re buying.

The Floodland video costs £200. 

This fee gives lifetime access to the SINGLE SCHOOL or INSTITUTION who purchased the video.

If you’re interested in buying the video for your school or institution, or would like more details, please get in touch here.