Wrath will be published in March 2022

Cover art by Paul Blow.

“So, so good.  A treasure. Exactly as brilliant as I thought it would be.” – Dan Smith

The Earth is crying and only Cassie listens.
Cassie is missing and only Fitz can save her…


Following Dark Peak, Wrath is another story of children and the land; exploring how we listen to the world in which we live, asking questions of responsibility, turning points, and wrath. An unsettling and truly compelling novella about the delicate balance of our connection to each other and the planet that we call home.


Cassie Cotton has always been unusual, a bit different – but this only makes her more intriguing to her school friend Fitz. Cassie can hear a noise that most people don’t notice or recognise, and she believes it’s a sound that shows the Earth is in distress, damaged by human activity that is causing climate change. When this belief leads to her being ridiculed and bullied at school, Cassie disappears. Fitz is determined to find her, but he has no idea where to start looking, or if he’ll be in time to help her.