Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black


I’ve a story to tell of Harry Black,
who went to the Underworld and how he came back;
of the love for his brother who’d pushed him away.
Of London by starlight, under attack,
Of bombs falling, of people calling through the darkened streets, Of sirens and wayfarers, of lost souls,
of vicious women and mindless dogs.
These are the things of which I’ll sing.

These and besides them, many things more…


From left to right are the UK and US covers for the book.

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In this beautifully written, literary tour-de-force, award-winning authors Marcus Sedgwick and Julian Sedgwick and artist Alexis Deacon skilfully weave together a tapestry of voices to create a poignant, lyrical and dreamlike story of two brothers in conflict amidst the devastation of WWII. Strange and unsettling at times, but deeply moving, this exquisite book captures an intense connection between brothers propelled by an ancient mythical force.

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And some spreads from the book:

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