Buying books

If you buy books regularly, and even if you don’t, you probably already have an account with a certain online mega-retailer. And they’re fast and they’re cheap and they’re easy to use and they’re destroying the publishing industry.

If you really love books, and want there to always be a great choice of high quality titles to choose from, it’s worth taking the little bit of extra effort to shop elsewhere. There are some great choices.

In the UK, for example, Hive will either deliver to your home, or for free to the local bookshop of your choice – for you to collect, browse and remember why bookshops are such great places to visit. And there are other good options to buy from real bookshops too.




Meanwhile, in the US, IndieBound are a great way to support small independent bookshops. And there are some great larger bookstores too:





I appreciate that you might not have a good local bookseller where you live, and that buying books anyhow is better than buying no books at all. But if you are lucky enough to stilll have an indie near you, then go out there and make a real bookseller happy! Thank you.