Cover of In the Company of Wolves showing the head of a wolf in silver

The book, In the Company of Wolves, is available here.


Product Description

Marcus contributed the chapter “Wolves and Lies: a writer’s perspective” to In the Company of Wolves, published for the Open Graves, Open Minds project by Manchester University Press.

This volume of essays presents further research from the Open Graves, Open Minds Project at the University of Hertfordshire (soon to be an internationally recognised research centre). It follows on from the previous MUP book, Open Graves, Open Minds: Representations of vampires and the Undead from the Enlightenment to the Present Day. The collection connects together innovative research on the cultural significance of wolves, wild children, and werewolves from a variety of perspectives as portrayed in different media and genres ranging through folktales and Gothic literature through sound, fashion, film, and TV, to contemporary poetry and visual art. In the book, eminent scholars and early career researchers cover a range of narratives and discourses: stories of feral children which question the boundaries between animal and human are explored alongside considerations of the cultural significance of the wolf in nature and analyses of the modern werewolf from nineteenth-century Gothic through early cinema to present-day TV and Young Adult fiction.

From Aesop to Disney and beyond, Marcus’ chapter investigates the long and dubious relationship between wolves and the truth, or rather the absence of it, in folklore, fable, fiction and real life. Why is the wolf so bound up with the concept of lies? And what does our preoccupation with them have to tell us about ourselves?

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