UK cover of Terror Town with Elf Girl and Raven Boy walking through the gates of a spooky town.


From left to right are the Uk, Danish and Japanese covers.

Product Description

From the creators of the Blue Peter award-winning Funniest Book with Pictures Raven Mysteries team, the fifth in the six book series for readers of 8+ about Elf Girl and¬†Raven Boy’s magical, humorous and creepy adventures as they battle to save the world.

In the fifth laugh-out-loud adventure, Elf Girl and Raven Boy head to Terror Town to save the world from the Goblin King. Terror Town is Trouble with a capital T. What will happen to our intrepid trio (that includes Rat) when the Tears of the Moon are taken, and Terrible Tim and the Trolls are on their trail?

There are tempers (Elf Girl’s), tests (for Raven Boy), tunes (the Singing Sword’s), oh and Zombies. With a capital Z, too.

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