Cover of Snowflake, AZ showing a path through the desert under a clear blue sky.



“The novel turns the post-apocalypse genre on its head, forgoing extremes to instead focus on the subtleties of pre-apocalyptic days. It takes time to sink into Sedgwick’s odd cadence, which may put off some readers, but the payoff for those who push through is tremendous. Expert foreshadowing pulls readers along to unavoidable disaster; when the blows arrive, they land with a visceral punch. Sedgwick’s restraint is remarkable, and he achieves something special with the raw, vulnerable humanity he reveals through these characters. Their relationships are deep yet fraught; their suffering and humor equally sincere. An ominous, relevant, and uniquely compelling read.”

Starred review, Kirkus

“Framed as a memoir narrated by a much older, wiser Ash, this raw, deeply philosophical tale leaves readers with a timely, sobering message about how humankind’s treatment of the environment impacts the environment’s treatment of humankind.”

Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly

From left to right are the UK, US HB and US PB covers for the book.

Product Description

Ash boards a Greyhound bus to the place where step-brother Bly was last seen: Snowflake, Arizona. Arriving six thousand feet high in the wide red desert, Ash finds Bly living with Mona, her dog, a goat and an isolated community who call themselves the Canaries.

They’ve been abandoned by society through a sickness no-one understands. When Ash falls ill too, the doctor’s response is, ‘it’s all in your head’. But Ash uncovers something much bigger: the sickness of the world.

Spanning seven years of triumphs and tragedies, illness and health – Snowflake, AZ is about the resilience of love and our planet in crisis.

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