UK cover of Saint Death with grinning yellow skull in Mexican style.

“Sedgwick writes like a dream, albeit one that you wake from heart beating fast, drenched in sweat.”
The Times, Alex O’Connell

“Sedgwick’s book pulls no punches, and will leave the reader reeling.”
The Guardian, Imogen Russell Williams

“I really enjoyed Marcus Sedgwick’s strange and intriguing tale, told in rhythmical and compelling prose.”
David Almond

“The first great anti-capitalist YA novel of the 21st century.”
Teen Librarian


From left to right are the UK, US and Italian covers.

Product Description

A potent, powerful and timely thriller about migrants, drug lords and gang warfare set on the US/Mexican border.

Anapra is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Mexican city of Juarez – twenty metres outside town lies a fence, and beyond it, America – the dangerous goal of many a migrant. Faustino is one such trying to escape from the gang he’s been working for. He’s dipped into a pile of dollars he was supposed to be hiding and now he’s on the run. He and his friend, Arturo, have only 36 hours to replace the missing money, or they’re both as good as dead.

Watching over them is Saint Death. Saint Death (or Santissima Muerte) – she of pure bone and charcoal-black eye, she of absolute loyalty and neutral morality, holy patron to rich and poor, to prostitute and narco-lord, criminal and police-chief. A folk saint, a rebel angel, a sinister guardian.

Here’s a trailer for the book…

And here, Marcus explains a little about where the book came from, and the ideas inside it… (with thanks to the team at CILIP).

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