UK cover of Monster Mountains showing Elf Girl and Raven Boy in a dark cave.



From left to right are the UK, Danish, Japanese, Romanian and Turkish covers.

Product Description

From the creators of the Blue Peter award-winning Funniest Book with Pictures Raven Mysteries team, the second in this six book series for readers of 8+ about Elf Girl and┬áRaven Boy’s magical, humorous and creepy adventures as they battle to save the world.

A second hilarious adventure for Elf Girl and Raven Boy as they continue their quest to save their world in the Monster Mountains.
Saving the world isn’t going very well for Elf Girl and Raven Boy. They’ve left Fright Forest and crossed a huge plain to the worryingly named Monster Mountains, where they find a sign telling them to Turn Back. They really shouldn’t have ignored it! It’s not the strange wailing noises they hear in the dark, or the gigantic yeti who wants to eat them for breakfast that they find alarming, so much as the crazy wizard, Jeremy, who seems intent on adding Elf Girl and Raven Boy, not to mention Rat, to his collection of all too life-like stone statues.

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