Cover of Killing the Dead showing drawing of girls in white dresses dancing in a spiral.



Killing the Dead is the ‘missing’ fifth part of The Ghosts of Heaven, originally published for World Book Day 2015.

Product Description

Set in a girls’ boarding school in Massachusetts, Killing The Dead is a haunting and sinister story originally written for World Book Day.

We need to speak of the dead.
We need to speak for the dead, for they cannot speak for themselves. There are things they would want to say to us, if only they could talk. But, surely, they cannot. No longer can we walk into the next room, and find them standing there as they did in life, and hear what they have to say.
They are gone.
Yet, they linger.

1963. Foxgrove School near Stockbridge, Massachusetts. One of the oldest and finest academies in the country – but what really goes on behind closed doors? 1963. It’s a year since the death of Isobel, but although she’s gone, her presence still remains, affecting everyone who knew her.

Nathaniel Drake, the new young English teacher. Isobel Milewski, the quiet girl who loved to draw spirals, her fingers stained with green ink. Jack Lewis, who lent Isobel books – just words, just ink on paper. Margot Leya, the girl with those eyes. Who are they? What part have they played in killing the dead?

Linger. Let the ghosts of heaven tell their story.

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