UK cover of Fright Forest showing Elf Girl and Raven Boy in a dark forest.



From left to right are the UK, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Romanian and Turkish covers

Product Description

From the creators of the Blue Peter award-winning Funniest Book with Pictures Raven Mysteries team, the first in a new six book series for readers of 8+ about Elf Girl and┬áRaven Boy’s magical, humorous and creepy adventures as they battle to save the world.
Eep . . . the adventure begins!

Raven Boy has short black spiky hair, amazing night vision and can talk to animals. Elf Girl is light of foot, sharp of mind and . . . elfish all over. She hadn’t expected to meet Raven Boy; it’s not that often someone falls out of the trees and squashes your home flat like Raven Boy did.

Before they know it they are plunged into some very strange, creepy, altogether spooky and hilarious adventures as they save their world from trolls, ogres, witches and things that slither and slide in the fiendish forest.

From the creators of The Raven Mysteries, this is the first in a humourous and magical adventure series, Elf Girl and Raven Boy, perfect for readers of 8+.

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