UK cover of A Love Like Blood showing dark Roman street.

“Sedgwick’s account of a man driven to the edge stands head and shoulders above most of the competition – terrifying, thrilling and relentless.”
The Guardian

“A moving and multifaceted thriller. Sedgwick maintains a high level of tension up until the devastating conclusion.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Stylish, thrilling and fast, you needn’t be a horror fan to enjoy this.”
The Sunday Mirror

“Classy, elegant and gripping. You know from the first page that you´re in good hands. A novel for a chilly night with a cup of tea and a warm blanket where you start reading and then go on and on, unable to stop.”
John Ajvide Lindqvis, author Let The Right One In.

“make no mistake, this is a genre book (of whichever genre you choose, although I know which side of the fence I’m on) of great distinction and quality.”

A Love Like Blood manages to play with vampire tropes while lifting the novel to stranger, more compelling heights. A great read.”
Joe R. Lansdale

From left to right are the UK and US covers.

Product Description

A LOVE LIKE BLOOD is a gripping tale of love, revenge and obsession.

If life has taught me one thing, it is this: that the worst monsters are entirely human.

It began in a hole in the ground, in Paris, in the days after the liberation. What I saw there I saw only for the time it takes a match to burn down, and yet it decided the rest of my life.

I tried to forget it at first, to ignore it, but I could not. It came back to me; he came back to me. He hurt people I loved… And so I took the first step on a journey from which there would be no return; a path that led me to fear, to hatred and to revenge – but, above all else, to blood.

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