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Marcus’ new book is a novella called Wrath, and it’s getting some amazing reviews…

The Earth is crying and only Cassie listens.
Cassie is missing and only Fitz can save her…

Following Dark Peak, Wrath is another story of children and the land; exploring how we listen to the world in which we live, asking questions of responsibility, turning points, and wrath. An unsettling and truly compelling novella about the delicate balance of our connection to each other and the planet that we call home.

“Brilliantly unsettling.” – Sarah Crossan


“Meaningful. Powerful. Wonderful.” – Tom Palmer

One of the best children’s books of 2022 -The Times; Nicolette Jones


BE THE CHANGE: Be Calm and Be Kind

Two interactive activity titles for 9-12-year-olds, on the power of kindness, and how to control your anxiety.


All In Your Head - a memoir of a medical mystery

Imagine this: You’re sicker than you have ever been, and it’s not improving. You try to work, but it’s obvious you can’t: you have aching joints, stiff muscles, you can barely walk. You are utterly exhausted. So you go to your doctor. After some tests you return to get the results. They are all negative.

The doctor leans slightly across the desk towards you and says the words that will change your life. ‘What would you say,’ she says, ‘if I told you that this is all in your head?’

To find out more about the ALL IN YOUR HEAD book and podcast, please click here.

New! Videos for schools...

Floodland: In the first in a series of videos for schools (or indeed anyone!) to buy, Marcus talks about his book Floodland. Cheaper than a single school visit, with lifetime access, go here to find out details, and watch the opening of the video.


A few screen-grabs to give the flavour..:

The Gothic: This is a two-part video series on Gothic literature, and is suitable for years 7-13. It looks at where the word Gothic came from, what makes something ‘Gothic’, how the idea has changed and grown over the years, from its origins, to modern day emanations. Go here to find out details.


A few screen-grabs to give the flavour..:

“One thing is certain: whatever [Marcus] does next it will be different from the bulk of whatever else is going on in publishing today, and many would say all the better for that.”

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