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She Is Not Invisible - interviews

Below are six short clips of conversations I had with Jasmine Metcalfe, one of the students at New College, Worcester where I spent some time researching She Is Not Invisible.

Interview clip six - Worries
Some of my concerns about writing about a blind girl.

Interview clip five - The Importance of Listening
A short chat about sound.

Interview clip four - How to Use an iPhone When You Can't See
How technology can help the blind.

Interview clip three - The Question of Colour
People often want to ask the blind what colour means to them, but here we're talking about a different meaning of the word.

Interview clip two - Bucket List
in which we discuss the fascination some people have with the idea of being blind

Interview clip one - A Balancing Act
in which Jasmine and I chat about how to go about presenting a blind protagonist...(and in which I make an assumption about my publisher which thankfully proved wrong…)

Audiobook recording from Braille

Below, is a short clip of Anna Cannings, a blind actress, recording the audiobook for She Is Not Invisible from a Braille edition of the book. It was a wonderful thing to see, and apparently, quite rare for a Braille reader to be fast enough to be able to produce a reading for audiobook. On top of that, she did a wonderful job.