Witch Hill

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A deadly nightmare wakens a sinister past.

The fire was a tragedy that Jamie can't forget. Fire dominates his waking thoughts and haunts his dreams. And there is something else going on in the village of Crownhill.

Something that gets into his dreams, with images of an evil old witch, determined to do him harm, and a scared girl, the victim of a witch hunt. And their destinies are linked, boy, girl and witch... For a single moment in time their lives are melded together by fire. And as dark secrets are revealed, Jamie has to confront his worst fears in order to free himself from the horrors of the past.
In his second novel, Marcus Sedgwick shows the potential of a young Alan Garner.
The Sunday Telegraph
This is another story from a writer who is increasingly making a name for himself. A compelling novel.
The Independent – Best 50 new books for children

Shortlisted for:
The Edgar Allan Poe Award
The Independent Reading Association/American Libraries Association Award
The Portsmouth Book Award