The Kiss of Death

Stacks Image 2018
Venice and vampires...

Years on from MY SWORDHAND IS SINGING, Peter is still on the trail of the Shadow Queen. His search leads him to Venice, a city whose beauty disguises many ugly secrets.

Marko and Sorrel meet there for the first time. Drawn together by the mystery of what has happened both to Sorrel's father, as some strange madness prevents him from sleeping, and Marko's father, a doctor who has been imprisoned for trying to help his old friend. Their search will take them from the city to Murano where Sorrel's father, Simono, had been fashioning a tiara for the enchanting and enigmatic Venetia.

This fabled city with its lapping waterways, its crumbling magnificence, dark, twisting alleyways and mysterious piazzas is the perfect setting for Marcus's captivating gothic novel of love and loss in C18th Venice.
With his formidable skill, Marcus Sedgwick renders Venice the most perfect backdrop for this intensely gripping vampire action - The Bookseller